Suijoh's philosophy

  • From Cambodia to the world
  • Light up the everyday life of every person who is involved with the brand.
  • Produce something different from mass productions.
  • Create harmony between traditional and modern fashion.


  • 04.2012

    SuiJoh was born in Phnom Penh with business tie-up tailors.

  • 04.2014

    We started production by own tailor at a balcony of home.

  • 02.2015

    The headquarters with workshop opens.

  • 08.2015

    We opens Angkor branch in Siem Reap. ( Sep 2017 closed )

  • 02.2016

    SuiJoh products can find at LaLAclasico, Terminal21 in Bangkok Thailand.

  • 07.2016

    Kings road branch in Siem Reap opens.

  • 01.2017

    The Lane branch in Siem Reap opens.

  • 04.2017

    Himawari Hotel branch in Phnom Penh opens.

  • 05.2018

    AEON Mall 2 branch opens